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2017 Round-Up: Key Decisions Affecting Connecticut Health Care Providers

Pullman & Comley’s annual review of significant case law affecting Connecticut health care providers (click here to view) summarizes a number of important decisions issued in 2017 by Connecticut state courts and the federal District Court in Connecticut. Among the 2017 highlights are state court decisions addressing informed consent; exceptions to the physician-patient privilege; and…

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Session Replay Scripts: Time to Go Under the Hood on Your Organization’s Website

**This article was first published in the American Health Lawyers Association newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Given the ubiquity and utility of analytics in all facets of the modern health-care delivery system, it is not surprising that many organizations would be tempted to use these tools as marketing aids on their websites. Recent articles by privacy…

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CT Supreme Court: Patients Have Right to Sue Physicians for Unauthorized Disclosure of Confidential Medical Records

The Connecticut Supreme Court issued an opinion yesterday recognizing a common law duty of confidentiality arising from the physician-patient relationship and establishing a new private cause of action for breach of this duty. Connecticut now joins a number of states which allow patients to recover from physicians who disclose confidential medical information without authorization. Byrne…

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