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No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: A Compliance Warning on Lavish Entertainment and Bogus Educational Meetings

Health care practitioners should need no reminder that government authorities closely scrutinize practitioner relationships with the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Reports of payments under the federal Physician Sunshine Act represent just one way the authorities become aware of payments to practitioners. Still, a recent settlement under the Anti-Kickback Statute concerning physician entertainment expenses is…

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Physician Non-Compete Bill (SB 351) Passes Connecticut Senate & House

Physician Non-Compete Bill (SB 351) Passes Connecticut Senate & House: On May 3, 2016, both the Connecticut House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill that, if signed by the Governor, will limit the strength of non-compete clauses in physician contracts. Non-Compete Time & Distance Restrictions: Under the bill, a covenant not to compete is…

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